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The Barbed Whip is a Whip (Off-hand Weapon) in Curse of the Dead Gods. Its Charged Attacks Weaken enemies.

It can be found on the ground (looted by enemies), in treasure chests, or at Sanctuaries.

Codex[ | ]

"The Barbed Whip became the preferred weapon of slavers at war."

Fighting Style[ | ]

The Bone Shard Whip is placed in the Whip category and is considered an Off-hand Weapon.

  • Normal attacks consist of one strike followed by a finisher, which deals twice the weapon damage. Each attack consumes 1 point of stamina.
  • Off-hand combos consist of a spin attack, which uses 1 stamina point.
  • Charged attacks use 2 stamina points, staggering most enemies and pulling them closer to your character.

Attacks[ | ]

Type Ability Stamina Cost Lvl.1 Base Damage Lvl.2 Base Damage Lvl.3 Base Damage Lvl.4 Base Damage Lvl.5 Base Damage
Regular Attack 1 32 38? 44 51 57
Charged Attack Interrupts, pulls the target, Weakens 1 100% Base Damage
Combo Length : 2 attacks, incl. the Finisher
Combo Finisher Critical Hit 1 100% Base Damage (+Critical Damage modifier)
Off-hand Combo 1 150% Base Damage
  • Note : it seems the game calculates the damage of the Charged Attack before inflicting Weakness to the target. This means that the Barbed Whip's Charged Attacks will not benefit from the Weakness damage bonus when targeting at non-Weakened enemies.
  • Of course, Charged Attacks aimed at Weakened enemies (whether they've been Weakened by a previous Barbed Whip Charged Attack or by something else) will benefit from the Weakness bonus.