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Bombs are a type of ranged weapon in Curse of the Dead Gods. They are categorized as a Two-handed Weapon.

There are currently 7 different Bombs in the game.

Fighting Style[ | ]

The following describes the standard Bomb moveset. Note that some Bombs have unique moves.

  • Normal attacks lob bombs a fixed distance away from the player. The third attack is a finisher, which has an increased explosion radius and deals critical damage. Each attack consumes 1 stamina.
  • Charged attacks consume 2 stamina but lob 3 bombs in a spread pattern.
  • All attacks can interrupt enemies, and can also blow up destructible objects such as statues, certain traps, and cracked walls.
  • Bombs can bounce on walls, and the explosion may damage the player.
Damage Multiplier Stamina Cost Effects Notes
Regular Attack 100% 1 Interrupts
Charged Attack 150% 2 Interrupts Launches three bombs in an arc in front of the Player
Combo Length : 3 attacks, incl. the Finisher
Combo Finisher 100% 1 Critical Hit


Guide[ | ]

Bombs are powerful, but difficult to use mid-range weapons that require good positioning on the Player's part. Indeed, all Bombs are thrown at a set distance in front of the Player, who must always stand at the correct distance of their target in order not to overshoot or undershoot. In addition, every Bomb attack costs 1 or 2 stamina points, which is standard for Two-handed Weapons but still makes them pretty stamina-intensive.

However, just like Heavy Weapons, Bombs always interrupt their target. In addition, their relatively short combo allows them to deal Critical Hits regularly. Finally, they have a relatively large area-of-effect.

Bombs make for great utility weapons due to their ability to blow up cracked walls.

List of Bombs[ | ]

Icon Name Ability Base Damage
COTDG-Icon-PirateBombs Pirate Bombs No special effect 30
COTDG-Icon-CracklingGrenades Crackling Grenades Thrown bombs deal additional damage along their path 30
COTDG-Icon-StickDynamites Sticks of Dynamite Kills trigger a large blast that weakens all nearby enemies 30
COTDG-Icon-IncendiaryBombs Incendiary Bombs Fire attacks 27
COTDG-Icon-FumingSkulls Fuming Skulls Poison attacks 24
COTDG-Icon-LightingOrbs Lightning Orbs Lightning attacks 24
COTDG-Icon-DevouringOrbs "Devouring Orbs", Bombs of the Void Charged attacks launch a single void bomb, attracting all nearby enemies before exploding 30