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Bows are a type of ranged weapon in Curse of the Dead Gods. They are categorized as Two-handed Weapons.

There are currently 8 different Bows in the game.

Fighting Style[ | ]

The following describes the standard Bow moveset. Note that some Bows have unique moves.

  • Shooting once consumes 1 stamina point.
  • Fully charged shots deal Critical Hits, pierce enemies and restore 1 stamina for each enemy hit.
  • Dodging immediately after a shot triggers a special, shorter dodge that does not consume stamina.
Damage Multiplier Stamina Cost Effects Notes
Regular Attack 100% 1
Charged/Perfect Shots 200% 1 Critical Hit Pierces through enemies

Restores 1 stamina per enemy hit

  • Note : in-game Bow descriptions use the terms "Perfect Shots" and "Charged Shots" (or "Fully Charged Shots") interchangeably, and there is no mechanical difference between the two.
  • This can lead to some confusion since Pistols distinguish "Perfect Shots" from "Charged Shots", which are two different attack types with different effects.

Guide[ | ]

Bows are the weapon family with the longest range. While their base damage values are generally unimpressive, their Charged Shots have good damage multipliers and deal Critical Hits : Bows are in practice the only weapon type that can inflict Critical Hits 100% of the time. To maximize damage, players should therefore chain Charged Shots and refrain from using the basic attack, except to finish off a weak enemy or reset the Greed Kill timer.

Bows excel at sniping weak enemies before the rest of their group have a chance to react. In addition, their long range makes maintaining Greed Kill counters easier - you can just lauch a quick attack whenever the timer is about to expire, without getting close to the enemy or putting yourself in danger. Finally, the Bow's ability to regain stamina points when hitting enemies with its Charged Attacks makes it less stamina-intensive than the other Two-handed Weapons.

The Bow is weak against large groups, but this issue can be somewhat mitigated by good positioning since Bows can hit several enemies in a straight line. Its low base damage can also be an issue : building synergies using Relics is always a good idea, but it may be even more urgent when one decides to use a Bow as their primary weapon.

Note that the special dodge move granted by the Bow can be disorienting. It costs no stamina, but it also has a shorter range.

List of Bows[ | ]

Icon Name Ability Base Damage
Stiff Bow No special effect 15
Crippling Bow Perfect Shots weaken enemies 13
Jaguar Bow Fire attacks 13
Keen Bow Perfect Shots pierce through enemies 13
Serpent Bow Poison attacks 11
Swift Bow Kills increase movement speed for 5 seconds 14
Annihilation, Bow of Madness Perfect shots explode on impact in a Dark blast, dealing damage to ALL characters around 12
Effulgence Harbinger of Yaatz Icone Transparency
"Effulgence", Harbinger of Yaatz Lightning attacks; special Dodge after a shot sends an additional arrow toward closest enemy 13