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Clovis Pardieux, the Champion of Death is the final boss of the game.

Appearance[ | ]

Clovis Pardieux first appears as a robed humanoid, wearing the mask of the Death God while having six wing-like rods floating behind him. Once he enters his second phase he rips his robe, revealing a skeletal body, with skulls adorning his shoulders and hips.

First Phase[ | ]

Attacks[ | ]

  • First attack is a large amount of Plaguebringer-like sigils that appear on the ground and sllightly predict player movement. They inflict damage and Corruption.
  • Second attack is a large corruption beam that stunlocks the player and deals both damage and corruption.
  • Occasionally, if the player has a Curse or has built up enough corruption for one, a large arrow-shaped boulder will spawn above and will attempt to crush them.
  • At 2/3 health he will summon a mass of lower tier Enemies frome one of the temples (Harpies, Plaguebringers, Lurkers etc.) and disappear, waiting untill all enemies are defeated.
    • Note : Enemies directly called by Clovis aren't Summons, which means that they trigger on-kill effects. This can help the Player if they have Weapons or Relics that heal on kill, for example.
  • At lower health he will summon a small amount of Elites as well as more advanced enemies (Headless Guardians, Petrified Guardians, Tomb Horrors etc.) and disappear, waiting untill all enemies are defeated.

General Tips[ | ]

  • The beam can be beParried.
  • The beam can be easily avoided if the player is near Clovis.

Second Phase[ | ]

Attacks[ | ]

Clovis will switch between 4 movesets:

  • The Champion will wield a spectral sword and pistol, with which he can shoot up to 3 times using his pistol and do a combo of 4 slashes and a slam with his sword.
  • The Champion will summon spectral claw and dagger. He can do 4 slashes with the knife, followed by a lunge, or do up to 3 quick dashes towards the player with the claw.
  • The Champion will summon a spectral greataxe. Using it, he can do a spin attack akin to the one of Ratyapu though slower, or do a slam attack akin to the one of the player with a heavy two handed weapon.
  • The Champion will conjure a spectral bow. While wielding it, he can shoot a glowing bolt that will sharply home into the player for a number of times or do a volley of small arrows in a cone, following the player.
  • Occasionally, if the player has a curse or has built up enough corruption for one, a large arrow-shaped boulder will spawn above and will attempt to crush them.

General Tips[ | ]

  • All attacks, minus the axe slam, can be parried.
  • The homing bolt can be removed by a parry.

Journal entries[ | ]

Death's Champion wears a familiar smile, one that echoes now my own, a mixture of determination and despair. I now know this brother, Clovis, who was once a pretender like myself, and seems to have faltered on the final step of his escape. He came here looking for powers that would help him restore his family wounded honor. He now stands converted int Xbeltz'aloc's guardian, and ironically, it was his family that came looking for him. Though his body has suffered too many deaths to hope for a return to normal life, Clovis is still animated by a purpose, for his sister walks these walls somewhere as a reluctant pretender herself. Marie-Clothilde refuses to fight her sibling, and so now he fights for the both of them.

Though I know I must destroy him, for he blocks my path to liberty, I find myself jealosing his resolve. I cannot remember loving anyone so much that I would die for them eternally. I must tell myself I am doing him a favor, ending his ridiculous charade.

"Not every soul came to the Temple in search of power and immortality. Some, like me, were victims of ill fortune... others were there to rescue those they loved" -Confessions of Pablo Cordoba.