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The Chromatic Knives are a Throwing Weapon type (and, as such, a Main Weapon) in Curse of the Dead Gods. Each of its Combos inflicts a random type of Elemental damage (Fire, Poison or Lightning).

It can be found on the ground (looted by enemies), in treasure chests, or at Sanctuaries.

Codex[ | ]

"The Blood of the Jaguar shall harden your ruby claw. Fire from the blue skies shall power the Eagle's Talon. Deadly green venom shall coat the Serpent's emerald fang."

Fighting style[ | ]

The Chromatic Knives are placed in the Throwing Weapons category and is considered a Main Weapon.

  • Normal attacks consist of two thrown projectiles followed by a finisher, which deals twice the amount of damage and consumes 1 stamina point.
  • The charged attack throws projectiles in a cross formation from your character, consuming 1 stamina point. This can be chained together with series of normal attacks, replacing the first throw.

Attacks[ | ]

Type Ability Stamina Cost Lvl.1 Base Damage Lvl.2 Base Damage Lvl.3 Base Damage Lvl.4 Base Damage Lvl.5 Base Damage
Regular Attack Random elemental attack 0 11 13 15 17 19
Charged Attack Random elemental attack 1 150% Base Damage
Combo Length : 3 attacks, incl. the Finisher
Combo Finisher Random elemental attack, Critical Hit 1 200% Base Damage (+Critical Damage modifier)
  • Regarding the Chromatic Knives' unique ability : a Combo is defined as a sequence of one or several consecutive attacks and ends when the Player stops attacking or lands a Combo Finisher. An isolated regular or Charged Attack therefore counts as a Combo, and will inflict one randomly chosen type of Elemental damage. Attacks belonging to the same Combo will inflict the same type of Elemental damage.