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Chucwic, the Serpent Temple is 2nd temple added in Curse of the dead gods. It is dedicated to Sich'al the Serpent Goddess.

As the player progresses through the temple it becomes cleaner and cleaner, starting as a filthy cave filled with malicious plantlife and ending as a distinguished castle.

Accessing the Serpent Temple[ | ]

The following Explorations grant access to the full Serpent Temple.

Standard Explorations[ | ]

  • Bewitched Catacombs
  • The Abomination's Lair
  • The Quest for Omniscience

Hard Explorations[ | ]

  • Path to Insanity

In addition, Mixed Temples Explorations will feature one Section taken from the Serpent Temple, as well as Sections taken from the other two Temples. They will be randomly ordered.

Enemies[ | ]

There are 6 different basic Enemies, each coming in normal and Elite forms.

Champions and Boss[ | ]

Champions[ | ]

Boss[ | ]

Traps[ | ]

See: Traps
  • Snake Heads that swivel and spit a cone of Poison if the player comes near them;
  • Dart Traps resembling a formation of snakes on the walls. The Snakes will shoot a wall of bolts at the player that can be dodged through, and also parried;
  • Whipping Plants that will slam down towards the player if they are near enough. They can be made to retract if hit enough times;
  • Spike Mushrooms that will shoot a random spread of spikes if attacked;
  • Noxious Gas that comes out of fissures in the ground that will poison the player. If hit with a Fire attack, they will explode violently, damaging both the player and enemies.

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