Curse of the Dead Gods Wiki

The Corruption gauge together with Curse icons.

Corruption is a core system of Curse of the Dead Gods.

The Corruption meter can be found at the bottom right of the screen and indicates the current Corruption level of the Player. Once the meter reaches it maximum, it starts over and the Player receives a random Curse.

By default, the following actions and events add Corruption to the meter :

In addition, some Curses and items modify the rules governing Corruption acquisition.

Typically, the Player's Corruption level will slowly rise over the course of a run (if only because of the Corruption hit at the beginning of each new Room), and the Player will eventually acquire new Curses. However, there are a few ways to reduce Corruption :

  • Offering an item to the Gods can sometimes remove a few Corruption points.
  • Defeating a Champion or Boss, or Offering a Cursed item to the Gods will remove a Curse, which in effect sets the Corruption meter back one cycle.
  • Some Weapon Affixes and Relics allow the Player to remove Corruption points by performing specific actions.

Learning to manage one's Corruption level is crucial. While amassing Corruption and Curses is, in isolation, a bad thing, Corruption can be used to pay for items and services at Sanctuaries which allows the Player to save Gold. Because of this, Corruption can be considered a form of currency. The Player must find the sweet spot between overspending, which will be eventually punished by the Final Curse, and underspending, which may leave the Player unable to buy much-needed items or force them to spend all their Gold.