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The Crippling Bow is a Bow (Two-handed Weapon) in Curse of the Dead Gods. Its fully charged shots Weaken enemies.

It can be found on the ground (looted by enemies), in treasure chests, or at Sanctuaries.

Codex[ | ]

"Aim for the knee, aim for the elbow, and hobble your foe. Death comes to all, but to the weakened it comes sooner."

Fighting style[ | ]

The Crippling Bow is placed in the Bow category and is considered a Two-handed Weapon.

  • Shooting once consumes 1 stamina point. Bows have a special dash that consumes no stamina.
  • Perfect Shots make Critical Hit and consume 1 stamina point.

Attacks[ | ]

Type Ability Stamina Cost Lvl.1 Base Damage Lvl.2 Base Damage Lvl.3 Base Damage Lvl.4 Base Damage Lvl.5 Base Damage
Regular Attack 1 13 15 18 20 23
Charged Shots Weakens, Critical Hit, Pierces through enemies, Restores 1 stamina per enemy hit 1 200% Base Damage (+Critical Damage modifier)