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Currencies in Curse of the Dead Gods are spent to buy or unlock various Weapons, Relics, or Upgrades. Gold is the only one that is spent within Explorations, while the others are spent in The Underworld for making permanent upgrades and unlocks.

Gold[ | ]

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Gold is the main currency used throughout explorations. It is used to buy Weapons, Relics or Stats from Sanctuaries, and is lost upon death.

There are several ways to earn Gold in Curse of the Dead Gods:

You can increase the Gold you get from kills thanks to the Greed Kill mechanic.

Increasing your Perception Stat increases the amount of Gold earned from all sources (+5% for each point).

Divine Favors[ | ]


Divine Favors allows you to re-roll the offerings at Weapon and Relic Sanctuaries.

New players will start the game with zero Divine Favors, but you can unlock some using Crystal Skulls at the Underworld, for up to a maximum of 10 Divine Favors. With each new exploration, your Divine Favors are restored to their maximum capacity.

It is also possible to get additional Divine Favors by offering some items. In addition, the Curse Divine Pact gives 3 Divine Favors.

  • Note : it is possible to end up with more than 10 Divine Favors over the course of a run, but these extra Favors will not be transferred to the next run.

Crystal Skulls[ | ]


Crystal Skulls are a somewhat common meta-currency used to make general upgrades.

They can be used to buy Blessings or extra Divine Favors, as well as unlock and upgrade Weapon Altars.

Regular Enemies have a low chance to drop a single skull upon dying, Elites will always drop one, while Champions and Bosses always drop 10 or more. Additionally, in Events, two are awarded for each and every completed Room, and an extra 10 are awarded if the player manages to beat the entire event.

Jade Rings[ | ]

Jade Rings are used to unlock new weapons from the Forsaken Weaponry.

They can only be acquired by beating Champions and Bosses. Champions award 5 Jade Rings, while Bosses will net the player 10 Jade rings.

Blood Emblems[ | ]

Blood Emblems are used to unlock access to new explorations and certain Blessings. They can't actually be spent in any way.

They are only able to be acquired by completing Explorations, which will enable access to further explorations to new areas in the process.