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Dark Avatar of the Eagle

The Dark Avatar of the Eagle is the boss of the Eagle Temple in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Appearance[ | ]

The Dark Avatar of the Eagle is a dark skinned humanoid wearing black robes and wielding a golden sword and shield. Its face resembles a white eagle mask with golden pieces, black feathers and bleeding eyes. It sports skeletal wings, with feathers replaced by swords, and its lower half is replaced by a blue-gray tornado.

Boss Fight[ | ]

Attacks[ | ]

  • First attack is a fast, long ranged shield bash. It can be Dodged and Parried, and bears resemblance to the Harpy attack.
  • Second attack is a sword combo, consisting of 2 quick slashes and a delayed thrust.
  • Third attack is a sword spin.
  • Fourth attack is a backhop that causes a gust of wind.
  • Fifth attack is a singular swing that covers its back.
  • The Avatar will enter a defensive stance and begin healing. If you interrupt with an attack, it will execute a counter-attack, which can be any of the above (the sword combo is replaced by a side-step and a thrust).
  • Once it reaches a certain health threshold it will summon a small tornado that will move around the room and periodically release a shockwave that covers the whole arena. The max amount of tornadoes is 3, and they deal contact damage.

Tips[ | ]

  • Most counter-attacks can be dodged with the same timing. Try dodging away from the boss.
  • Try to avoid being circled by the tornadoes. While you can pass through them, they will deal heavy damage.
  • If you are using a ranged weapon (or a Spear), the attacks used will mostly be the shield bash, the sword combo (if close enough) and the healing stance.

Journal entries[ | ]

The Avatar of Yaatz was certainly once beautiful, proud and imbued with a lofty confidence. That was before Xbeltz'aloc defeated and reanimated its perfect corpse. Still, the poise and grace of its deadly movements remain as a testimony to its elegant past life as the incarnation of a God of Wonder.

The choices of whom to follow here are all treacherous. Yaatz awards you amazing power... the ability to snatch a life in the blink of an eye. When taking a life is made so simple, its value seems to diminish in equal proportion. Were I to survive this temple, with powers intact, I fear that I might well have been a made a murderer, sans remorse, sans regret.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This Avatar is the only one that doesn't use its Temple's respective Element in any of its attacks.