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Dark Avatar of the Jaguar

The Dark Avatar of the Jaguar is the boss of the Jaguar Temple in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Appearance[ | ]

The Dark Avatar of the Jaguar is a humanoid jaguar with its abdomen and chest missing, its heart being exposed. It has skulls on its shoulders and golden parts stuck in its body.

Boss Fight[ | ]

The Dark Avatar of the Jaguar has four different attacks and one of them with variants.

Attacks[ | ]

  • First kind of attack is claw strikes. He can strike multiple times. If he's lowering his hand, like he's going to strike with his backhand - he will strike once. If he swings his hand to the right - twice. When his health drops under 50%, he'll sometimes strike thrice, in a big straight rush. He will raise his hand and start running before this attack. All of these strikes can be parried. Parrying the 1st strike doesn't interrupt him. Parrying his 2nd strike stops him and Weakens him, except for the 3 hits rush where you have to parry up to the 3rd strike to stop him.
  • Second attack is a leap. It deals damage when it touches the ground in a large area. This attack cannot be parried, but can be Perfect Dodged
  • Third attack is a fire breath. It throws a couple of very slow fireballs in a large cone in front of him. This attack cannot be parried nor dodged. Though, it can be dissipated by Cursed Weapons and cursed dodge.
  • Fourth attack is a big explosion. After a short cast, a large area will explode around the Dark Avatar of the Jaguar, dealing massive damage and setting the player on fire. This attack cannot be parried nor perfect dodged.

During this fight, the floor of the room will be set on fire alternately. The exterior "ring" will ignite first, then the interior, and so on.

How to beat the Dark Avatar of the Jaguar[ | ]

Key in this fight is patience and endurance.

  • As he does 3 or 4 attacks that you cannot parry, you'll need to find the right timings to hit your combos.
  • Heavy weapons help in this fight. Hit a combo and go back to a safe position to restore stamina while he attacks, until next combo.
  • Ranged weapons are useful too to hit the Dark Avatar of the Jaguar when he leaps in the fire where you can't go.
  • Beware of his 3 hits rush attack, it's strongly recommended to dodge it perpendicularly, to go out of his path.

Journal entries[ | ]

And so Xbeltz'aloc himself stood before me, the god of death made flesh. How he mocks T'amok' by donning his jaguar form. How he dwarfs his minions, who flee before his might. Though I defeat this "paragon made Death", in my quest to escape this wicked tomb, there is always another cursed challenge lying just beyond the next granite door.

Should it take me a thousand lifetimes and a thousand violent deaths, I will escape you, Xbeltz'aloc. May curses rain upon all these Gods of Pain and Wonder. I seek not their immortality but refuse to die the entertaning sacrifice in their preposterous charade.

"Xbeltz'aloc blessed me with his curse... the curse of knowing that one day I would die, no matter how powerful I should within these walls become." -Confessions of Pablo Cordoba.