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Dark avatar of the serpent

The dark avatar of the serpent is the boss of the Serpent Temple in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Appearance[ | ]

The Dark Avatar of the Serpent is a bloated, disgusting, rotting man, his body held by a gigantic snake, his skull being exposed and wielding a primitive stone hatchet.

Boss Fight[ | ]

Attacks[ | ]

  • The Avatar will do an AoE cast on himself while summoning 3 Elite Serpent Cultists. If the player does not succeed in killing all of them, the Avatar will kill and heal off of them.
  • The Avatar will throw his snake arm towards the player. If it hits, it will retract. If the player Dodges or Parries it, depending on the distance, the Avatar will either swipe to his side or jump towards the player.

Mixed Temple[ | ]

The Dark Avatar of the Serpent uses the same attacks and patterns in Mixed Temple Explorations, but he may summon regular Serpent Cultists instead of Elite ones.

  • If he is encountered at the end of the first section, he will summon one Elite Serpent Cultist and two regular Cultists.
  • If he is encountered at the end of the second section, he will spawn two Elite Serpent Cultists and one regular Cultist.
  • He always spawns three Elite Cultists if he is encountered at the end of the third section.

Journal entries[ | ]

So, this is what it means to know it all... to pierce the veil of mystery... to drink from the cup of knowledge poured only for the gods. Xbeltz'aloc has such little respect for the wise. The God of Death apparently prefers men of actions to seekers of secrets. Sich'al seems to have reaped the benefits of angering her rival, and so now I am left to fight what is left of her avatar.

I must defeat this avatar to know if heaven hides beyond. The only question that troubles my weary soul is whether the world I once knew will retain its once pleasant taste to me. I've found only pain and empty promises within the temple of the Chatac. I fear anything less dreary might seem trivial.

"I have died a thousand deaths, and lived a thousand lifetimes, and have learned absolutely nothing." - Conversations with the Deceased by Belinda Davenport