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Explorations are the delves that are made into the Temples themselves and are where the main gameplay within Curse of the Dead Gods occurs. They can be accessed from the Main Hall using the large door and then choosing one from the Map.

Most Explorations grand access to only one of the three main Temples, but the Mixed Temple Explorations use randomly ordered Sections taken from the three Temples. Mixed Temples Explorations come with unique challenges : they are considered the hardest of all and completing them is required to face the final Boss and beat the game.

Completing an Exploration for the first time grants Blood Emblems, which in turn unlock more advanced Explorations.

List of standard Explorations[ | ]

Standard Explorations are organised in tiers : first tier Explorations only last one Section, and end after the player defeats the first Champion of the selected Temple. Second tier Explorations last two sections, ending with the second Champion, while third tier Explorations give access to the full Temple, including the fight against the Dark Avatar.

The Jaguar Temple[ | ]

  1. The Blood Hunter Hunts
  2. Eclipse of the Cursed Twins
  3. The Quest for Invulnerability

The Eagle Temple[ | ]

  1. The Storm Throne
  2. The Unspeakable Experiment
  3. The Quest for Omnipotence

The Serpent Temple[ | ]

  1. Bewitched Catacombs
  2. The Abomination's Lair
  3. The Quest for Omniscience

Mixed Temple[ | ]

  • Awakening of the Dead Gods

List of hard Explorations[ | ]

Regular Temples[ | ]

These paths all give access to their full respective Temples.

Mixed Temple[ | ]

  • Clovis' Trial
  • Xbeltz'aloc's Ordeal
  • Xbeltz'aloc's Revelation

Events[ | ]

Events are special Explorations which award the player with Crystal Skulls, but have special modifiers that are permanent within the Event itself. Each Event may only be attempted once during each cycle, but a new one will appear the next day, and up to 3 Events can be available at once.

Length of Explorations[ | ]

Explorations vary in length. The number of Rooms required to pass through each Section depends on the chosen Exploration.

  • Tier 1 Explorations last 9 Rooms, including the fight against the Champion.
  • Tier 2 Explorations last 16 Rooms - eight per Section, including both Champions.
  • "Full" (Tier 3) Explorations last 21 Rooms - seven per Section, including both Champions and the fight against the Boss.
  • Mixed Temple Explorations last 26 Rooms - eight per Section, including Champions and Bosses, plus the Tomb of the Dead Gods and the fight against the Champion of Death.