Curse of the Dead Gods Wiki

Gold as seen on the ground.

Gold is the main Currency used throughout explorations.

It is used to buy Weapons, Relics or Stats from Sanctuaries. Like Corruption, it is lost at the end of each run.

There are several ways to earn Gold in Curse of the Dead Gods:

Increasing your Perception Stat increases the amount of Gold earned from all sources (+5% for each point).

Greed Kills[ | ]

In most situations, you can increase the Gold you get from kills by using the Greed Kill mechanic.

  • Killing an enemy raises the Greed Kill counter by one and starts the Greed Kill timer.
  • Every subsequent kill raises the Greed Kill counter by one and gives you more Gold (to a maximum of +500% when the Greed Kill counter reaches 10).
  • If you get hit or wait too long before resetting the timer, the Greed Kill counter resets to 0. You can reset the timer by hitting an enemy or by performing a Perfect Dodge or a successful Parry.

Note that some Curses radically change how the Greed Kill mechanic works, and can remove its ability to produce Gold entirely.

Defaut Yields[ | ]

The following is a list of the basic yields of each action that gives Gold, assuming the Player hasn't gained any Perception point and is not under the effect of a Relic, Weapon, Blessing or Curse that increases the amount of Gold earned.

  • Pots of Gold are worth 10 Gold.
  • Piles of Gold are worth 10, 20 or 50 Gold depending on their size.
  • Treasure Chests grant 100 Gold.
  • Killing a standard Enemy grants 10 Gold.
  • Killing a Champion or Boss grants 300 Gold.
  • Offering an item to the Gods can grant from 50 to 400 Gold depending on its Rarity and Level.
  • Clearing a Challenge Room grants an amount of Gold proportional to the Player's speed. The Challenge counter starts at 2500 Gold and diminishes over time until the Player defeats the last enemy.