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Greed Kills are an important mechanic in Curse of the Dead Gods. Chaining Greed Kills quickly and without getting hit rewards the Player with more Gold for each successive Enemy killed. As such, it encourages the Player to fight aggressively and efficiently.

Some Curses, Relics and Blessings radically alter how the mechanic works, and even the rewards it gives. This makes it a flexible and potentially very profitable mechanic.

Gameplay[ | ]

By default, the Greed Kill mechanic works like this :

  • Killing an enemy starts the Greed Kill timer and raises the Greed Kill counter by one.
  • Every subsequent kill raises the Greed Kill counter by one and gives you more Gold (+50% extra Gold per kill, to a maximum of +500% when the Greed Kill counter reaches 10).
  • If you get hit or wait too long before resetting the timer, the Greed Kill counter resets to 0.
  • You can reset the timer by hitting an enemy or by performing a Perfect Dodge or a successful Parry

Note : Parrying or Perfect-Dodging a Trap also resets the timer. This potentially allows the Player to keep their Greed Kill counter active by volontarily triggering and countering Traps, even when there are no enemies at range.

Some Blessings, Relics and Curses can radically change how the Greed Kill mechanic works, notably by changing the timer limit, changing the rewards from Gold to Blood, or by giving additional Greed Kill rewards.

Greed Kill-related items and effects[ | ]

Blessings[ | ]

Icon Name Effect Cost
Unquenchable Thirst Greed Kills restore 1 more stamina. 15
Reptilian Hunger Your Greed Kill counter never runs out when you are out of combat and does not reset between rooms.

Your damage increases by 1% per active Greed Kill count (up to 50%).


Relics[ | ]

Icon Name Effects Rarity Scaling (Common/Rare/Very Rare)
Golden Hourglass +X% Greed Kill time limit 200 / NA / NA
Herbs of Rejuvenation Each Greed Kill restores X% max health NA / NA / 1

Curses[ | ]

Icon Name Effect
  • All regular healing effects are disabled (except those coming from Blood)
  • Defeating enemies now releases Blood instead of Gold, restoring a portion of Health
  • Blood quantity is increased by the kill counter and Perception.