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The Gusting Glaive is a Sword (Main Weapon) in Curse of the Dead Gods. ITs Charged Attacks send a wind slash that damages all enemies in its path.

It can be found on the ground (looted by enemies), in treasure chests, or at Sanctuaries.

Codex[ | ]

"The eagle's screech stuns its prey, its wings release the storm. Yaatz's beauty stupefies, her talons kill, while transfixed mothers mourn."

Fighting style[ | ]

The Gusting Glaive is placed in the Sword category and is considered a Main Weapon.

  • Normal attacks consist of three slashes with a finisher, which deals twice the weapon damage and consumes 1 stamina point.
  • Charged attack is a spin, dealing twice the weapon damage, consuming 1 stamina point and can be chained with series of normal attacks, replacing the initial slash.

Attacks[ | ]

Type Ability Stamina Cost Lvl.1 Base Damage Lvl.2 Base Damage Lvl.3 Base Damage Lvl.4 Base Damage Lvl.5 Base Damage
Regular Attack 0 15 18 21 24 27
Charged Attack Sends a wind slash forward 1 200% Base Damage
Combo Length : 4 attacks, incl. the Finisher
Combo Finisher Critical Hit 1 200% Base Damage (+Critical Damage modifier)