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Heavy Weapons are a type of melee Weapon in Curse of the Dead Gods. It is categorized as a Two-handed Weapon.

There are currently nine different Heavy Weapons in the game.

Fighting Style[ | ]

The following describes the standard Heavy Weapon moveset. Note that some Heavy Weapons have unique moves.

  • Normal attacks consist of two slashes, with a finisher smashing the weapon to the ground, dealing a Critical Hit. It consumes 1 point of stamina point for each move.
  • Charged attack makes the character jump forward, knocking most enemies back and soft-locking the player from instant movement. This consumes 2 stamina points.
  • All attacks from Heavy Weapons interrupt enemies. They can also smash any destructible objects like certain traps and cracked walls. However, attacks from Heavy Weapons do NOT interrupt Champions/Bosses.
  • The Player cannot dodge or parry for a short time after each Heavy Weapon attack.
Damage Multiplier Stamina Cost Effects Notes
Regular Attack 100% 1 Interrupts
Charged Attack 150% 2 Interrupts Jumps towards the target
Combo Length : 3 attacks, incl. the Finisher
Combo Finisher 100% 1 Critical Hit


Guide[ | ]

Obscenely powerful yet very hard to master, Heavy Weapons hit a lot harder than any other weapon type. In addition, every single one of their attacks interrupts their target(s). Their combos aren't too long either, which allows them to inflict Critical Hits regularly (thanks to their Combo Finisher), and their Charged Attack jump gives them a bit of range, allowing them to land a hit on unsuspecting enemies before their group has a chance to react.

Obviously, these impressive qualities come with a massive drawback : the Player cannot dodge nor parry for a few frames after each Heavy Weapon attack. This makes Heavy Weapons very challenging to use against large groups, as any attack will leave you vulnerable to a counterattack. Players should therefore be extremely prudent when using these weapons, and either split up their enemies (to kill them one at a time) or gather them all in the same place in order to hit them all at once. In addition, Champions and Bosses cannot be interrupted, which cancels one the Heavy Weapon's greatest strengths.

However, Heavy Weapons, just like Bombs, make excellent utility weapons thanks to their ability to bash open cracked walls.

List of Heavy Weapons[ | ]

Name Ability Base Damage Level (1/2/3/4)
Broken Longsword No special effect 45
Jaguar Hammer Fire attacks. 45
Primal Hammer Charged attacks weaken enemies. 45
Sky Hammer Lightning attacks 40
Stone Breaker Charged attacks strike 3 times in a line behind the point of impact. 40
Titan Slayer Deals critical damage against Elites, Champions, and Bosses. 40
Blood Weeper, Life Seeper Macana Attacks steal 10% HP 43
"K'etyaam yaan", Witch's Crook Charged Attacks cast a volley of Dark projectiles 40
Broadsword of the Knight Second and finisher attack always deal critical hit 60