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Hucawic, the Eagle Temple is the temple dedicated to Yaatz the Eagle Goddess.

The temple is filled with intricate and advanced machinery, possibly fueled by lightning. As the player progresses the temple will get bloodier, lumps of flesh littering the floor.

Accessing the Eagle Temple[ | ]

The following Explorations grant access to the full Eagle Temple.

Standard Explorations[ | ]

  • The Storm Throne
  • The Unspeakable Experiment
  • The Quest for Omnipotence

Hard Explorations[ | ]

  • Path to Hubris

In addition, Mixed Temples Explorations will feature one Section taken from the Eagle Temple, as well as Sections taken from the other two Temples. They will be randomly ordered.

Enemies[ | ]

There are 6 different basic Enemies, each coming in normal and Elite forms.

Champions and Boss[ | ]

Champions[ | ]

Boss[ | ]

Traps[ | ]

See: Traps
  • Eagle Heads that blow a homing gust of wind if the Player stands in front of them. They can be parried and dodged.
  • Electric Mines that detonate after a short delay if the Player stands near them. They can't be parried.
  • Spear Statues that thrust a stone spear if the Player stands in front of them. Can be parried and dodged.
  • Sword Statues that swing two swords in a large arc in front of them. They can be parried and dodged.
  • Runic Eggs that shoot four beams in cardinal directions and spin if hit by an Elemental attack (can be triggered by Traps). The beams can be dodged through.
  • Electric Wells that, if activated, will hit entities with Lightning if they are near. They can be activated by a lightning attack.

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