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K' ax taca, High Lord of the Storm

K'ax taca, High Lord of the Storm is the first Champion of the Eagle Temple in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Appearance[ | ]

K'ax taca is a legless, mummified human wearing a light blue poncho and an ancient crown. Throughout the fight he will screech like a bird.

Boss Fight[ | ]

Attacks[ | ]

  • K'ax summons a ball of lightning (3 max) that bounces around the room that will occasionally explode.
  • K'ax shoots 2-6 sparks that will lock on and home in on the player for 2 seconds. They can be Dodged through.
  • K'ax shoots a beam of lightning that will stunlock the player if hit. It can be dodged through.

How to beat the High Lord of the Storm[ | ]

Medium to close range is optimal for this fight.

  • The Lightning Balls are not harmful to the player unless they explode, and can be freely walked through.
  • The easiest way to deal with the sparks is to wait until they are locked on and then dodge through them while homing.
  • While shooting the beam, the turning speed of the boss will slow down, so getting as close as possible can trivialize this attack.
  • Another way of dealing with the lightning beam is to repeatedly dodge through it, thus getting infinite perfect dodges and not depleting stamina.

Champion's Weapon[ | ]

K'ax taca can sometimes drop his weapon, "Effulgence", Harbinger of Yaatz, under certain conditions.

  • The Player must kill K'ax taca during his lightning beam attack.
  • The weapon only has a 20% chance to drop.

Equipping the weapon once allows you to unlock it at the Forsaken Weaponry for 50 Jade Rings.

Fighting Style Icon Name Ability Base Damage
"Effulgence", Harbinger of Yaatz Lightning attacks; special Dodge after a shot sends an additional arrow toward closest enemy 13

Journal entries[ | ]

I have crossed paths with the animated husk of an ancient lord of kingly manners within the higher floors of this eternal tomb. Whether he was truly noble before his pacts with the Gods of Wonder is uncertain, but it seems from the murals painted here after accepting Yaatz' deadly powers and becoming her champion, he ruled the lesser Chatac for centuries with ruthless cruelty. The arrival of Xbeltz'aloc was his undoing, and now he wanders the shadows in search of prey to satiate a sadistic thirst.

As my own capacities to kill grow with each succesive reincarnation, my empathy for the creatures I destroy decreases proportionally. The more I become godlike, the less I resemble a human... in body, in mind and in spirit. Perhaps this biting apathy is what finally overcame the heart of this stormy monarch.

Trivia[ | ]

It has been speculated that K'ax taca is inspired by two characters from Diablo 2. His visual design is reminiscent of Mephisto, the boss of the third act. His attacks, however, are similar to those that Diablo himself uses in the final bossfight.