Curse of the Dead Gods Wiki

At any given moment, the Player stands either in Light, or in Darkness. Light and Darkness can have important effects on the Player, the environment, and sometimes the Enemies.

The main source of Light is Fire. The Torch's main purpose is to illuminate the player character and his surroundings, reveal Traps and ignite braziers. Each source of Light illuminates the area around it.

Gameplay[ | ]

The Indicator at the bottom of the screen shows whether the Player is standing in Light or in Darkness.

This mechanic has two main effects :

  • Standing in Darkness increases all Damage inflicted to the Player by 50%.
  • Light reveals hidden Traps.

In general, it is preferable to stand in the Light and avoid dark areas.

That being said, a lot of Weapons, Curses, Relics and Blessings have effects related to Light and Darkness, which can greatly change the way the Player approaches this mechanic. For example, some Weapons will illuminate the Player and the surrounding area, while some Relics will increase damage inflicted in Darkness.

Because of that, it is possible to develop strong builds using synergizing Light- or Darkness-related items and Weapons.