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Malok paal, the Flesh Monstrosity

Malok paal, the Flesh Monstrosity is the second Champion of the Eagle Temple in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Appearance[ | ]

Malok paal is a massive humanoid creature, made primarily of flesh and stone. The upper body is a mass of flesh, stone sticking out of the back. On the front of the creature is a broken stone mask resembling a human face, and above it a decorative crown. The arms are protected by stone, while the lower body and the fists seem to be entirely made out of it.

Boss Fight[ | ]

Attacks[ | ]

  • Malok paal punches the air with both fists and teleports them behind or next to the player.
  • Malok paal repeatedly punches the ground, teleporting its fists below the player. Slightly predictive.
  • Malok paal dashes towards the center of the arena or the player.
  • Malok paal teleports its fists to the right and left of the player, then punches and creates a lightning AOE.

How to beat the Flesh Monstrosity[ | ]

  • Keep your eyes on your character rather than the golem, as it makes it easier to react to the fists he creates.
  • The ground fists can be Parried.
  • You can parry the dash but it requires button mashing as it is a multi hit, however doing so is greatly damaging with the Barbed Shield.
  • The time between attacks is reasonable enough to get 2-3 combos.

Champion's Weapon[ | ]

Malok paal can sometimes drop his weapon, "Sunderer", fist of doom, under certain conditions.

  • The Player must perfectly dodge five attacks from Malok paal.
  • The weapon only has a 20% chance to drop.

Equipping the weapon once allows you to unlock it at the Forsaken Weaponry for 50 Jade Rings.

Fighting Style Icon Name Ability Base Damage
"Sunderer", fist of doom Simple attack and off-hand combo deliver massive damage at the cost of 1 stamina point 30

Journal entries[ | ]

I've lost count of the number of violent deaths and painful reincarnations I've suffered. Alas, I still consider myself lucky to retain a semblance of my own corporal identity within this mad purgatory. I have seen a monster here made from the parts and pieces of other pretenders, who failed to please the Gods of Wonder. This singular golem of defeated champions is animated by the electricity of the Eagle Goddess.

Yaatz has lost control of this abomination, if her intention was indeed ever to control her champion. It seems also immune from commmand of the God of Death, wandering the corridors and animated by a rage born in pain and deception. I pity it and feel no remorse in its destruction. It is as if I were doing some cursed brother a final favor.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The proportions make the champion a caricature of bodybuilders, the 'face' being extremely small compared to the rest of the body.
  • The Champion's design resembles that of the Petrified Guardians, a theory being that it is either a Mk.II or a Prototype.