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Mixed Temples Explorations are the hardest Explorations in Curse of the Dead Gods.

To complete them, the Player needs to successively pass through three Sections randomly taken from each of the three Temples, and defeat the three Dark Avatars that guard them. They are then presented with the Tombs of the Dead Gods, after which they must confront the game's final Boss.

Gameplay[ | ]

Mixed Temples Explorations come with their unique set of challenges :

  • They are longer than regular Explorations (Sections are eight Rooms long instead of seven)
  • Doors give 30 Corruption instead of 20
  • Enemy groups are more varied and can feature enemies from all Temples
  • Each Section is taken from a different Temple and comes with its own Room layouts and sets of Traps
  • Champions can appear in optional Champion Rooms
  • Each Section ends with a fight against the Dark Avatar associated with its corresponding Temple. This means that the Player will have to face these already hard fights much earlier than in regular Explorations
  • The Tombs of the Dead Gods can inflict serious penalties if the Player doesn't have large amounts of Gold at hand at the end of the three main Sections
  • Finally, the Player must face the Champion of Death, who has his own unique mechanics

List of Mixed Temples Explorations[ | ]

Standard Exploration[ | ]

  • Awakening of the Dead Gods
    • Cross all three Temples and overcome each Dark Avatar
    • Door Corruption is increased !
    • Reach the tombs of the Dead Gods and prepare for the final battle

Hard Explorations[ | ]

  • Clovis' Trial
    • Challenge the Champion of Death
  • Xbeltz'aloc's Ordeal
    • Challenge the Champion of Death
    • Enemies and Traps have increased power
    • Enemies react to your presence more quickly!
  • Xbeltz'aloc's Revelation
    • Put an end to your suffering!
    • Enemies and traps have increased power
    • Receive a large amount of Corruption as soon as you enter the Temple!

Guide[ | ]

Resource Management[ | ]

The main difficulty of the Mixed Temple is resource management. Carefully managing Gold and Corruption is absolutely primordial.

  • You will need a lot of extra Gold if you want to buy at least some Offerings from the Tombs of the Dead Gods;
  • Not only do you take 30 Corruption per door - don't forget that there are more doors : each Section in the Mixed Temple features one more Room than in full-length Temple Explorations.

In practical terms, this means that your purchasing power is greatly reduced, as you won't be able to make as many Gold- and Blood Offerings as you normally do. It is therefore generally advised to pick Blessings that increase Perception, your Corruption cap or your Gold earned in order to mitigate this issue.

Players who feel at ease fighting Champions can also visit Champion Rooms to remove a Curse, thus increasing their Corruption budget. Note that Champions can drop their Champion Weapons in Mixed Temple runs : as they're Cursed Weapons, Offering them will remove another Curse.

The Champion of Death[ | ]

While Clovis Pardieux is impressive and his moveset diverse, his attacks generally evoke attacks from other Enemies. Understanding the parallels and figuring out what can be parried and dodged should help. See the Champion of Death's page for more details.

Cursed Players will sometimes see a huge, black arrow materialize above them and attempt to crush them. It comes from the Player's Curses : it can be easily dodged, but will come back after a time. Parrying it, on the other hand, will remove a Curse. Once the Player is out of Curses, the arrow will leave them alone (note that Clovis' attacks can inflict Corruption, which means you can receive new Curses mid-fight).

The Player will also lose a Curse if they get hit by the black arrow.

Clovis will make enemies appear each time he loses 25% of his health during the first phase of the fight. Note that these enemies aren't Summons : they can trigger on-death effects. Players using Weapons, Relics or Curses that heal on kill/Greed Kills may find this very useful, as they will allow them to heal mid-fight.

Other notes[ | ]

The Dark Avatar of the Serpent

  • Players starting with the Serpent Temple section should make sure to quickly increase their damage output. While the Serpent Avatar isn't usually considered the strongest of the Dark Avatars, its Summons and the fact that it can heal itself can make it a very tricky fight if the Player faces it early.
  • The Serpent Avatar summons three Elite Serpent Cultists in regular runs, but this can change in Mixed Temple runs. If the Dark Avatar of the Serpent is the first Boss of the Mixed Temple, it will summon one Elite Serpent Cultist and two basic ones. If it is the second boss, it will summon two Elites and one basic Serpent Cultist. If it is the third Boss it will behave as usual.