Curse of the Dead Gods Wiki

Offering to the Gods is an action that can be performed when the Player is examining a loot item (either a Relic or a Weapon). This allows them to destroy the item in exchange for a reward.

It is impossible to Offer an item that has already been equipped. It is however a useful way to "recycle" unwanted loot.

Offering an item grants one of several rewards :

  • A lump sum of Gold.
  • Restore a percentage of the Player's max Health.
  • Reduce the Player's Corruption.
  • Add a number of Stat points.
  • Grant additional Divine Favors.
  • Remove a Curse.

The Level and Rarity of the Offered item can influence how consequent the reward will be.

Rewards[ | ]

Offering a Cursed Weapon or Cursed Relic always gives the same reward : it allows the Player to remove one Curse.

Offering non-Cursed items works differently. The nature of the reward is random, and its value depends on the Level and Rarity of the Offered Weapon or Relic.

The table below lists the different possible rewards for non-Cursed items, and the calculations that determine their exact values. Any mention of Rarities and Levels always refer to the Rarity and Level of the Offered item only.

Common Rare Very Rare Notes
Gold 50*(Level) 75*(Level) 100*(Level)
  • Like all sources of Gold, the Player's Perception will further increase that amount.
Heal 4*(Level) 6*(Level) 8*(Level)
  • Heal is applied as a percentage of the Player's max Health.
Corruption Reduction -4*(Level) -6*(Level) -8*(Level)
  • Corruption can not go below zero. It is impossible to remove a Curse simply by reducing your Corruption.
Stat Points N/A +(Level) +(Level)*1,5
Divine Favors N/A N/A +(Level)
  • In addition, carrying a Scroll of Sacred Songs Relic will increase these rewards by 33, 66 or 100% depending on its Rarity : if the Player has several copies of this Relic, these values add up. Again, this effect does not apply when Offering Cursed items.