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Pistols are a type of ranged weapon in Curse of the Dead Gods. They are categorized as an Off-hand Weapon.

There are currently 8 different Pistols in the game.

Fighting Style[ | ]

Most Pistols use similar attack moves. However, exceptions exist.

  • Off-hand combo fires an interrupting cone shot that knocks enemies back.
  • Normal attacks fire basic shots which consume 1 stamina point. Charging the attack and firing at the correct time for a perfect shot deals critical damage.
Damage Multiplier Stamina Cost Effects
Regular Attack 100% 1
Charged Attack 100% 1
Perfect Shot 100% 1 Critical Hit
Off-hand Combo 150% 1 Interrupts

Guide[ | ]

Pistols are ranged weapons. This allows the Player to attack from a distance, without opening themselves to counterattacks. Their long range also makes maintaining Greed Kill counters in battle easier - just lauch a quick attack whenever the timer is about to expire, you don't even need to get close to the enemy or put yourself in danger.

Skilled Pistol players will be able to reliably inflict Critical Hits by performing Perfect Shots, which can be done by releasing the attack button at the right time : however, getting the timing right is tricky, and may require some practice. In addition, the Pistol's Off-hand Combo staggers the enemy, which is a very useful ability and makes Pistols interesting support weapons even for players who focus on their Main Weapon.

However, Pistols have a relatively low damage output : their average raw damage is decent, but the damage multipliers of their attacks are low, even considering the Critical Hit effect of the Perfect Shot. In addition, all their attacks cost 1 stamina point, which makes Pistols very stamina-intensive. Add in the need to regularly land Perfect Shots, and you get a weapon that is relatively difficult to use.

List of Pistols[ | ]

Icon Name Ability Base Damage
Webley Top-Break Revolver No special effect 20
Alchemist's Firestick Kills make enemies drop twice as much gold 20
Colt .45 Rainmaker Sufficiently charged ranged attacks always trigger Perfect Shots 22
LeMat Grape Shot Revolver Perfect Shots deal damage to all targets in a cone behind impact 20
Smith & Wesson Schofield Fire Perfect Shots and "Off-hand Combo" 22
Dragon Sleeve Gun Poison attacks 16
Crossbow of the Condemned Slowly fires explosive shots, dealing damage in an area around impact 30
Reaper Normal ranged attacks are ineffective; Perfect Shots deal double damage 20