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Rarity (or Quality) is a mechanic in Curse of the Dead Gods that affects all Weapons and Relics, and (along with their Level) can impact their price in Weapons/Relics/Upgrades Sanctuaries.

The Rarity tier determines how powerful a Relic's effect is, and how many Affixes a Weapon can have. In addition, the rarer an item is, the higher the reward for offering it to the Gods will be.

There are four Rarity tiers, in ascending order :

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Very Rare
  • Cursed

Overview[ | ]

Every single item belongs to a Rarity tier. While it is possible to increase the Level of a Weapon (or even a Relic in certain situations), it is not possible to change an item's Rarity.

Items can be of varying Rarity tiers depending on how they were acquired :

  • Upgrading Weapon Altars allows weapons of higher Rarity to appear. Fully upgraded Altars can offer weapons belonging to all Rarity tiers.
  • Items dropped by regular or elite enemies or picked up from regular chests can only be Common or Rare (unless the player uses the Divine Perception Blessing, which allows Very Rare items to drop).
  • Champions, Bosses and Vault Chests drop Rare and Very Rare items.
  • In addition, Vault Chests always drop one Cursed item, while Champions can drop Cursed Weapons if certain conditions are met.
  • It is possible to buy items of all Rarity tiers at Relic Shrines and Weapon Shrines.

Rarer items are more expensive to buy than more common items of the same Level. In addition, upgrading a rare Weapon will cost more than upgrading a common one.

Cursed items have unique mechanics associated to them : see Cursed Weapons and Cursed Relics for more details.

Weapon Rarity[ | ]

Non-Cursed Weapons can have from zero to three Affixes. This number is largely determined by the weapons's Rarity : the rarer a weapon, the more Affixes it will have. However, lvl.1 weapons have one fewer Affix than weapons of lvl.2 (and above) of the same Rarity tier.

Cursed Weapons always come with two special Affixes (one positive and one negative), no matter their Level.

Level Common Rare Very Rare Cursed
Lvl.1 0 Affix 1 Affix 2 Affixes 2 Affixes
Lvl.2+ 1 Affix 2 Affixes 3 Affixes 2 Affixes

The Rarity tier of a Weapon is one of the main factors affecting its price in Weapon Shrines. In addition, the rarer a weapon, the higher the cost of upgrading it will be.

  • Keep in mind that collecting the rarest Weapons isn't a goal in itself. Weapon Rarity only affects the number of possible Affixes, a rare Weapon can very well be objectively worse than a common one that possesses fewer but more useful Affixes. In addition, the rarer weapon will require more expensive Upgrades.

Relic Rarity[ | ]

The Rarity of a non-Cursed Relic mainly determines how powerful its effect is. For example, a Common Temple's Heart will heal 4% of your max health when crossing a door, compared to 12% for a Very Rare version of the same Relic. Therefore, all else being equal, a rarer Relic will be stronger than a more common one.

Rarity also influences the power of the Relic's Affix (if it has one). Rarer Relics tend to have stronger Affixes than more common Relics of the same Level.

Some Relics only appear at a predetermined Rarity tier : this is notably the case of Cursed Relics. As such, their effect will always be at the same value. Keep in mind that the attribute and power of their Affixes can still vary, though.

Like Weapons, Relics get more expensive the rarer they are.

Impact on Offering costs[ | ]

Rarity is one of the main factors that determine the cost of Offerings in Weapon, Relic and Upgrade Sanctuaries, whether the Player pays with Gold (Gold Offerings) or by taking a Corruption hit (Blood Offerings).

Weapon and Relic Shrines[ | ]

  • Weapon and Relic Shrines always offer items of different Rarity tiers. Generally, one will be Common, one Rare and one Very Rare, but Cursed items can sometimes appear.
  • Rarer items cost more than more common ones.

Keep in mind that the Level of each item also impacts its Gold Offering cost. However, the price of Blood Offerings only takes Rarity into account.

Upgrade Shrines[ | ]

  • Rarer Weapons cost more to Upgrade than more common ones.

Keep in mind that the Level of the weapon to upgrade also impacts the Gold Offering cost of upgrading. However, the price of Blood Offerings only takes Rarity into account.

Offering to the Gods[ | ]

The Rarity tier of an item affects how big the reward for offering it to the Gods will be : the rarer, the better.

The type of reward granted for offering an item is random, but some rewards are restricted to certain Rarity tiers : Rare and Very Rare items can sometimes offer Stat points, while Very Rare items can grant extra Divine Favors.

Offering Cursed items always has the same effect : it allows the player to remove one Curse. If the player isn't cursed, offering the item will empty their Corruption bar instead.