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Ratyapu, the Abomination

Ratyapu, the Abomination is the second Champion of the Serpent Temple in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Appearance[ | ]

Ratyapu is a heavily mutated humanoid creature. His skull is partially cracked open, revealing green matter underneath. Large blades sprout out of his forearms.

Boss Fight[ | ]

Ratyapu has four different attacks.

Attacks[ | ]

  • First attack is a pair of horizontal slashes. This attack shares similar timing to the Prophetess' swings, albeit slightly slower. He will always start with left arm and do two slashes, unless he is Parried on the first slash. Both slashes can be parried.
  • Second attack is a thrust forward starting with his right arm. This deals high damage, but lacks the sweep of his normal slashes. This attack can also be parried.
  • Third attack is a projectile, which is visually similar to his thrust. The timing is similar to the Elite Serpent Cultist's spear throw.
  • Fourth attack is a large spin, with both arms outstretched. This move has the most range and damage out of his moveset. It also hits multiple times, and is impossible to stop once you get hit. But if you manage to parry a 1st time, you have to spam hit your parry button to parry 3 times, then Ratyapu will stop and be Weakened. It's risky though.

Ratyapu has a unique rage mechanic, which activates whenever he loses a certain amount of health (roughly one notch on his health bar). When it triggers, Ratyapu will enter an animation where he thrusts his arms into the ground and shrieks, summoning a little exploding circle of poison around him. While enraged, Ratyapu is resistant to being stunned, he deals additional poison damage, and becomes significantly faster and aggressive. He will chain attacks very quickly. The only safe way to deal damage while Ratyapu is enraged is to parry one of his attacks, which still creates a small opening. After being enraged for 10 seconds, Ratyapu will return to his normal state, and the player can go back on the offensive. Ratyapu's rage is indicated by him glowing yellowish-green, an effect which fades away when he returns to normal.

How to beat the Abomination[ | ]

Ratyapu can be a frustrating fight if the player does not respect his rage state. As his moveset bears heavy resemblance to enemies fought throughout the Serpent Temple, it is highly recommended that the player practices dodging or parrying the attacks of said enemies. Additionally, seeing as Ratyapu has deceptively high range, it is recommended the player Dodges even if they think they are out of range.

  • Heavy Weapons can keep Ratyapu stunned up until he enters rage, as he gives the player ample opportunity to regain stamina
  • Bows will also have an advantage, as they allow the player to stay well out of even Ratyapu's massive range.
  • Regular weapons may struggle to get in, seeing as they are too small to compete with Ratyapu's arms.
  • Staying close to him can be a strategy for advanced players, since it will force him to do only the 1st regular attack. Then, parry and attack in pace, avoiding only his Poison AOE.

Champion's Weapon[ | ]

Ratyapu can sometimes drop their weapon, "Disembowler", Dread Claw, under certain conditions.

  • The Player must kill Ratyapu while they're Weakened.
  • The weapon only has a 20% chance to drop.

Equipping the weapon once allows you to unlock it at the Forsaken Weaponry for 50 Jade Rings.

Fighting Style Icon Name Ability Base Damage
"Disembowler", Dread Claw Finishers add two spin attacks 13

Journal Entries[ | ]

Be careful what you wish for... or so the saying goes. I have met one of Sich'al's champions, arms severed and replaced with deadly instrument. Is that the price to be paid to become a God? Will all humanity, limb by limb, thought by thought, be removed and replaced with something more powerful and divine.

We pretenders in these tombs have lost more than our way. We have lost all that gives us a sense of identity. What advantage is there to becoming a god if we no longer resemble any part of what we once were? What good is it to become divine if we no longer have our own desires, our own purpose? As each day passes, I seek only escape, I must leave here before I forget who I really am.