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Sentinels are common enemies in the Eagle Temple in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Basic versions can be found in tiers 1, 2, and 3 of the Temple. Elite versions can be found in tiers 2 and 3.

Appearance[ | ]

Sentinels are almost skeletal humanoids, wearing a topless robe and a feathered backpiece. One of their arms were replaced by a bow, the string being made of either blood or cartilage. The arrows are entirely made of blood.

Attacks[ | ]

Basic version[ | ]

  • First attack is a straight shot that deals damage.
  • Second attack is a volley of 3 bombs that deals damage and corruption.

The shot can be parried and both attacks can be dodged.

Elite version[ | ]

  • First attack consists of three fast shots.
  • Second attack is a volley of 5 bombs that deal damage and corruption.

The first attack can be parried and both attacks can be dodged.

Journal entries[ | ]

Most Chatac texts concerning the followers of Yaatz, the Eagle Goddess of Sky and Tempest, relate that they were promised the most deadly powers of the Gods of Wonder, the power to kill with the slightest touch. There is something electric in the sky sentinels' gait, and their arrows are formidable

The promise of omnipotence seems to have been made good to the Chatac by the Eagle Goddess. I have seen deadly technologies at play here that could only have been explained by some ancient deity with tremendous knowledge, surpassing anythng our present day sciences could concieve.

"Those who followed Yaatz had a canfident sense of humor. You either laughed when they joked, or you died." - Confessions of Pablo Cordoba