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COTDG Sichal

Sich'al' is the Goddess of the Serpent Temple.

Little is known about her yet.

She is related to the attribute Perception, which grants +5% treasure found per point.

Theory[ | ]

Rumors say that Xbeltz'aloc did enslave the three Gods of the Temple, stealing their powers, to keep mortals trapped in the temple into a endless suffering loop...

Journal entries[ | ]

I should have known better than to trust a snake, no matter how tempting her songs and inebriating her secrets. Sich'al, Serpent Goddess of Divine Sight and Perception, is the most treacherous of the Gods of Wonder, for her lies are cloaked in a truthful passion for mystery. She promises omniscience, which her followers mistakenly believe is a path to controlling their own futures. It is only once their husk has lost its vibrant shape, and their hairs have turned to wire, that they realize they have also escaped life as they once enjoyed it. Sich'al reveals to them so many amazing things, more than a mind can hold, and it drives them to the brink of madness.

Sich'al's brews if taken with good measure, do heighten the senses and when their affects are in full force it is as if one could smell gold through the walls and treasures through the oak of their chests. In the end, greed is the only virtue that the Serpent Goddess truly inspires, and true death the only thing remaining worth a wish.

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