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Spears are a type of melee weapon in Curse of the Dead Gods. They are categorized as a Two-handed Weapon.

There are currently 8 different Spears in the game.

Fighting Style[ | ]

Spears generally use similar attack moves. However, exceptions may exist.

  • Normal attacks consist of three strikes, consuming 1 stamina point for each swing.
  • Charged attack is a spin, striking enemies twice and consuming 2 stamina points.
  • All attacks can deal critical damage if enemies are struck with the tip of the spear.
Damage Multiplier Stamina Cost Effects Notes
Regular Attack 100% 1
Charged Attack 2x50% 2 Launches two spin attacks
Combo Length : 3 attacks, incl. the Finisher
Combo Finisher 150% 1 Interrupts

Guide[ | ]

Spears are powerful mid-range weapons that reward good positioning. Their main feature is their ability to deal Critical Hits when hitting with the tip of the Spear : with a bit of practice and skill, it is possible to land Critical Hits very often, which makes Spears a lot more powerful than their average base damage and (relatively unexciting) move multipliers would suggest. It also allows them to benefit greatly from Critical Damage-enhancing Relics and effects. In addition, their Combo Finisher interrupts the target.

However, they are relatively weak against enemy groups : even though their Charged Attack hits everything in the surrounding area, it has a high stamina cost and low damage multipliers, which makes it relatively situational. More crucially, Spears really drop in effectiveness when the Player can't land Critical Hits : when they get too close to the enemy and don't have time to reposition, for example.

List of Spears[ | ]

Icon Name Ability Base Damage
COTDG-Icon-PrimitiveSpear Primitive Spear No special effect 30
Barbed Javelin Finishers weaken enemies 30
Feathered Spear Each kill restores 1 more stamina 27
Scorpion Spear Poison attacks 22
COTDG-Icon-StormsPoint Storm's Point Lightning attacks 22
Windfury Pike Charged Attacks Hit 3 times instead of 2 24
Bloodstake, Hunter's Torment Finishers throw the spear, piercing through all enemies 36
Vengeance, Xbeltz'aloc's Spirit A Dark Riposte occurs after a successful Parry 28