Curse of the Dead Gods Wiki

Stats are values that increase the Player's powers in Curse of the Dead Gods. They fall into three categories, each with its own effect :

  • Constitution
  • Dexterity
  • Perception

Stat points can be increased by various Relics and Blessings, and bought from Stat Sanctuaries.

Stat Symbol Effect
Constitution Sprite
Each point of Constitution increases maximum health by 50 points.
  • Note : when the Player acquires or loses Constitution points, their current health remains at the same percentage of their maximum health. This means that increasing your Constitution also increases your current health pool in proportion to how full your health bar is.
Dexterity Sprite
Dexterity increases damage by 2% per point.
Greed Sprite
Perception increases the amount of Gold earned from all sources. Each point in Perception increases it by 5%, starting from 0%.

It also increases the chance of getting extra items from enemies in each room. Every 20 points in Perception allows for even more bonus items to appear.

Notes[ | ]

In earlier versions of the game, the name Greed was used in place of Perception.

Each Stat is associated with one of the Gods of Wonder :

  • The Constitution symbol is also associated with T'amok and T'amok's Gift.
  • The Dexterity stat symbol is also associated with Yaatz and Yaatz's Gift.
  • The Perception symbol is also associated with Sich'al and Sich'al's Gift.