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The Storm's Bulwark is an Off-hand Weapon in Curse of the Dead Gods. It deals Lightning attacks and trigger Lightning strikes when used to parry a melee attack.

It can be found on the ground (looted by enemies), in treasure chests, or at Sanctuaries.

Codex[ | ]

"A stalwart defense blessed by Yaatz and infused with the goddess's divine wrath. The air around this shield warps with scarcely contained rage as the storm within yearns to be unleashed."

Fighting style[ | ]

The Storm's Bulwark is placed in the Shield category and is considered an Off-hand Weapon. Shields grant 2 more frames for parrying.

  • Normal attacks consist of three hits with a finisher, which deals twice the weapon damage, consumes 1 stamina point and knockback enemies.
  • Charged attack dashes forward, dealing damage and interrupting enemy's attacks. It consumes 2 stamina points.

Attacks[ | ]

Type Ability Stamina Cost Lvl.1 Base Damage Lvl.2 Base Damage Lvl.3 Base Damage Lvl.4 Base Damage Lvl.5 Base Damage
Regular Attack Lightning attack 0 28 33 39 44 50
Charged Attack Lightning attack, Interrupts 1 100% Base Damage
Off-hand Combo Lightning attack 0 150% Base Damage