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T'amok' is the God of the Jaguar Temple.

Little is known about him yet.

He's related to the Stat Constitution, which grants +50 max HP per point.

Theory[ | ]

Rumors say that Xbeltz'aloc did enslave the three gods of the temple, stealing their powers, to keep mortals trapped in the temple into a endless suffering loop...

Journal entries[ | ]

T'amok, the Jaguar God of War and Terrestrial Fire, one of the major Chatac Gods of Wonder, now finds himself trapped in a temple constructed for his glory. He promised his followers invincibility and invulnerability, a fancy way of saying they would be immune to all forms of suffering. What a farce. He neglected to warn them that the path leading away from the Gods of Pain would distance them cruelly from their humanity with every sacrifice accepted. As they embraced the powers of the Jaguar God their sense of empathy dissolved, and a cruel savageness filled the void. They began to paint their walls in their kindred's blood.

I have tasted T'amok's powers and paid him in gold. The true price is not the precious metal spent, but the precious memories of those who loved me buried and forgotten.

"I would not have recognized my Clovis, save for that little moan he gasped when he realized it was truly me weeping before him." - Diary of Marie-Clothilde Pardieux

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