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Sun and Moon, the Wicked Twins

Litz and Nepac, the Cursed Twins are the second Champion of the Jaguar Temple in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Appearance[ | ]

The Cursed Twins are two humanoids, each outfitted with a burning hairdress. Litz uses a flaming whip, has feathers resembling wings on her back and floats, while Nepac wields two matching swords and moves erratically in a crouched stance.

Attacks[ | ]

Boss fight[ | ]

This fight will always start against Litz. When she's at 75% health, the fight will switch to Nepac, and so on every 25%.

Sun Twin phase[ | ]

Litz has two different attacks and a third when she switches to her twin.

  • First attack is a summoning of explosive beacons in the room. This attack cannot be canceled and deals no damage.
  • Second attack is a whiplash. She always strikes her whip twice, and when hitting a beacon, it will explode after a short time. This attack can be Parried or Dodged, but it does not cancel the attack.
  • Third attack occurs when Sun Twin switches to her twin. This will make all remaining beacons explode. A Corruption circle will appear around her and deal damage as well as increase corruption. This attack cannot be parried but can be dodged by not standing in the circle.

Moon Twin phase[ | ]

Like his twin, Nepac has two attacks, plus a third when he switches. Between every attack, he will become untargetable and invisible. Each attack inflicts corruption and health damage.

  • First attack is a dash. If the player is far enough from the boss, he will do a fast long dash through the room.
  • Second attack is a dagger strike. He will do 3 fast strikes, then dash and a final fourth heavy strike. Each of the four strikes can be parried or dodged. Parrying a strike will cancel the next.
  • Third attack occurs when Moon Twin is at 50% health. He will stop and cast an explosion circle around him for a short time. At the end of the cast, the circle explodes and deals damage.

How to beat the Wicked Twins[ | ]

  • The Sun Twin is pretty easy to beat as long as you don't get overwhelmed with too much beacons. Key is to select a corner of the room and stick to it. Between two combos, clean the nearest beacons, restore stamina, and get ready to dodge the next whiplashes.
  • The Moon Twin is a little faster and harder. When he becomes invisible, he leaves a little smoke cloud which is a little dragged to where he will appear, so try to keep track of it. The dash is very fast but very predictable, using a dodge might be the safest. For his four strikes, the fourth is the easiest to parry, as he takes a little pause between the third and the fourth, which lets you time to position right and prepare your parry.

Champion Weapons[ | ]

Each Twin is associated with one Cursed Weapon they can drop under certain conditions. Whether they can both drop at the same time hasn't been conclusively established.

The Sun Twin can drop her weapon, "Cataclysm", T'amok's Fury, under these conditions :

  • The Player must parry her attacks three times.
  • The weapon only has a 20% chance to drop.

Meanwhile, the Moon Twin can drop his weapon, Moonblade, Night's Sword, under these conditions :

  • The Player must parry his attacks three times.
  • The weapon only has a 20% chance to drop.

Equipping one of these weapons once allows you to unlock it at the Forsaken Weaponry for 50 Jade Rings. Each weapon must be unlocked separately.

Fighting Style Icon Name Ability Base Damage
"Cataclysm", T'amok's Fury Fire attacks; hits on characters have a 50% chance to summon a fire jewel 36
Moonblade, Night's Sword Charged Attacks trigger a powerful dash attack, damaging all crossed enemies 15

Journal entries[ | ]

For every champion I defeat it seens two others take their place. The most horrid of the abominations were once twins it appears. A sister sun and a brother moon, now joined at the hip in a perpetual horrifying dance where dawn gives way immediately to dusk, where the warmth of day and refuge of night have been all but forgotten.

The twin's paradox has become my own, lost in this maze of divine pretentions, where my will to live and my refusal to die have made me two conflicted persons sharing one body. I am both pretender and seeker, brightly alive and nearly faded.