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Throwing Weapons are a type of ranged weapon in Curse of the Dead Gods. They are categorized as a Main Weapon.

There are currently 7 different Throwing Weapons in the game.

Fighting Style[ | ]

Most Throwing Weapons use similar attack moves. However, exceptions exist.

  • Normal attacks consist of two thrown projectiles followed by a finisher, which deals critical damage and consumes 1 stamina point, but functions the same otherwise.
  • The charged attack throws projectiles in a cross formation from your character, consuming 1 stamina point. This can be chained together with series of normal attacks, replacing the first or second throw.
Damage Multiplier Stamina Cost Effects Notes
Regular Attack 100% 0
Charged Attack 150% 1 Attacks several close enemies
Combo Length : 3 attacks, incl. the Finisher
Combo Finisher 200% 1 Critical Hit

Guide[ | ]

Throwing Weapons are the only ranged Main Weapons. This allows the Player to attack from a distance, without opening themselves to counterattacks. Their long range also makes maintaining Greed Kill counters in battle easier - just lauch a quick attack whenever the timer is about to expire, you don't even need to get close to the enemy or put yourself in danger.

Additionally, their relatively short Combos allows them to land their powerful Finishers pretty frequently. This attack also deals Critical Damage, which can be interesting for players with Critical Damage-enhancing items.

Due to their inability to hit several targets at once (unless one spams their Charged Attacks), Throwing Weapons are relatively weak at dealing with large enemy groups.

List of Throwing Weapons[ | ]

Icon Name Ability Base Damage
COTDG-Icon-ThrowingKnives Throwing Knives No ability 16
COTDG-Icon-WeightedBlades Weighted Blades Projectile damage increases based on the distance traveled before impact (up to 50%) 14
COTDG-Icon-HuntingAxes Hunting Axes +100% damage against Weakened enemies 13
COTDG-Icon-SilverStars Silver Stars Perfect Dodges trigger a volley of projectiles 15
COTDG-Icon-EvasiveKnives Evasive Knives Automatic Dodge during a Charged Attack 16
COTDG-Icon-ChromaticKnives Chromatic Knives Each combo deals a random type of elemental damage (Fire, Poison, or Lightning) 11
COTDG-Icon-Heartseekers "Heartseekers", Teeth of Death Projectiles have greater range and pierce through enemies 16