Curse of the Dead Gods Wiki

The Tombs of the Dead Gods is a special Room that can be accessed at the end of the Mixed Temple Explorations. Here, the Player is presented with the tombs of the three Gods of Wonder : T'amok', Sich'al and Yaatz.

The Player can make Gold Offerings to each Tomb : offering 5000 Gold to a Tomb will grant a powerful bonus, while offering 2500 Gold applies a less powerful effect with some negative aspects. The Player can also "Desecrate" a given Tomb, which doesn't cost any Gold, but they will receive a serious penalty in retribution.

  • This greatly complicates Mixed Temple runs : if the Player wants to make an Offering to each Tomb, they must have at least 7500 spare Gold at the end of the third Boss fight, which is money that could have been spent elsewhere.

Once the Player has made their decision regarding each Tomb, the Room shifts and the Champion of Death appears (see his page for more details on the boss fight itself).

Offerings and Effects[ | ]

Tomb of T'amok'[ | ]

  • T'amok's Cruelty (0 Gold)
    • Inflicts 25% of max health as damage
  • T'amok's Instinct (2500 Gold)
    • 10% of max health is randomly healed or inflicted as damage
  • Glorification of T'amok' (5000 Gold)
    • Regain 100% of max health

Tomb of Sich'al[ | ]

  • Sich'al's Madness (0 Gold)
    • Destroy the 2 highest-level relic(s) carried
  • Sich'al's Confusion (2500 Gold)
    • Your highest-level relic is destroyed; up to 3 other relics gain 1 level(s)
  • Glorification of Sich'al (5000 Gold)
    • All of your relics gain 1 level(s)

Tomb of Yaatz[ | ]

  • Yaatz's Hubris (0 Gold)
    • All weapons lose 1 level(s)
  • Yaatz's Balance (2500 Gold)
    • Your highest-level weapon loses 1 level(s), while your lowest gains 1 level(s)
  • Glorification of Yaatz (5000 Gold)
    • All your weapons gain 1 level(s)

Notes[ | ]

The Tombs are affected by all effects affecting/triggered by Gold Offerings.