Curse of the Dead Gods Wiki

Traps are environmental hazards in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Each Temple has its unique set of Traps, which all have their own triggers and effects. Some Traps can be parried or perfect-dodged, just like enemy attacks.

Most Traps do not only affect the Player : they can hurt Enemies as well, which makes them very useful in certain situations.

Jaguar Temple Traps[ | ]

  • Spike Plates that activate on a short delay;
  • Jaguar Heads that spit explosive fireballs if the Player stands in front of them (fireballs can be parried and dodged through);
  • Flamethrower Traps that activate when hit with a Fire attack;
  • Explosive Urns that detonate if hit by a flame or powerful attack;
  • Floor Grills that activate on a timer and set the floor ablaze.

Eagle Temple Traps[ | ]

  • Eagle Heads that blow a homing gust of wind if the Player stands in front of them. They can be parried and dodged.
  • Electric Mines that detonate after a short delay if the Player stands near them. They can't be parried.
  • Spear Statues that thrust a stone spear if the Player stands in front of them. Can be parried and dodged.
  • Sword Statues that swing two swords in a large arc in front of them. They can be parried and dodged.
  • Runic Eggs that shoot four beams in cardinal directions and spin if hit by an Elemental attack (can be triggered by Traps). The beams can be dodged through.
  • Electric Wells that, if activated, will hit entities with Lightning if they are near. They can be activated by a lightning attack.

Serpent Temple Traps[ | ]

  • Snake Heads that swivel and spit a cone of Poison if the player comes near them;
  • Dart Traps resembling a formation of snakes on the walls. The Snakes will shoot a wall of bolts at the player that can be dodged through, and also parried;
  • Whipping Plants that will slam down towards the player if they are near enough. They can be made to retract if hit enough times;
  • Spike Mushrooms that will shoot a random spread of spikes if attacked;
  • Noxious Gas that comes out of fissures in the ground that will poison the player. If hit with a Fire attack, they will explode violently, damaging both the player and enemies.

Notes[ | ]

  • Parrying or perfect-dodging a Trap resets the Greed Kill timer. Adventurous Players who want to keep their Greed Kill counter active between fights (or even during a particularly complicated fight) can try to willingly activate a Trap then parry or dodge it.