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Ty'atanwic is the temple dedicated to T'amok', the Jaguar God.

It is mainly made of white stone, painted with orange and green accents and having gold trimmings.

As the player ventures further inside, the temple grows more disturbing, detached limbs and bones littering the floor and blood flooding the lower chambers, signaling to the horror that waits within.

Accessing the Jaguar Temple[ | ]

The following Explorations grant access to the full Jaguar Temple.

Standard Explorations[ | ]

  • The Blood Hunter Hunts
  • Eclipse of the Cursed Twins
  • The Quest for Invulnerability

Hard Explorations[ | ]

  • Path to Cruelty

In addition, Mixed Temples Explorations will feature one Section taken from the Jaguar Temple, as well as Sections taken from the other two Temples. They will be randomly ordered.

Enemies[ | ]

There are 6 different basic Enemies, each coming in normal and Elite forms.

Champions and Boss[ | ]

Champions[ | ]

Boss[ | ]

Traps[ | ]

See: Traps
  • Spike Plates that activate on a short delay;
  • Jaguar Heads that spit explosive fireballs if the Player stands in front of them (fireballs can be parried and dodged through);
  • Flamethrower Traps that activate when hit with a Fire attack;
  • Explosive Urns that detonate if hit by a flame or powerful attack;
  • Floor Grills that activate on a timer and set the floor ablaze.

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