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Weapons are items that are used to fight Enemies in Curse of the Dead Gods. They can be acquired from killing enemies (looted on the ground), treasure chests, and Weapon Sanctuaries. Currently equiped Weapons are displayed at the bottom left of the screen, above the health bar.

Currently, there are 13 types of weapons that fall into four primary categories : Main Weapons, Off-hand (or Secondary) Weapons, and Two-handed Weapons, as well as Torches. Each weapon type has its own Attack Moves, but each individual weapon also has its own Ability and random Affixes that set it apart from others of the same type.

Gameplay[ | ]

Weapon Categories and Attack Moves[ | ]

The player character can equip up to four weapons at any given time : one Main Weapon, one Off-hand Weapon, one Two-handed Weapon, and one Torch. Excluding the Torch (which is more of a Light- and Fire-providing tool than an actual Weapon), there are four Weapon Families - or Fighting styles - per Weapon category.

Each weapon family comes with its own playstyle : some weapons deal ranged attacks, others are able to break walls and interrupt enemies, some deal high amounts of damage while others increase the Player's survivability, etc.

In general, weapons belonging to the same family share similar Attack Moves (combos, finishers, charged attacks, etc), but some weapons have their own unique movesets.

Equipment Slot Weapon Families
Main Weapon Swords Claws Maces Throwing Weapons
Off-hand Weapon Pistols Shields Daggers Whips
Two-handed Weapon Spears Heavy Weapons Bows Bombs

Weapon Stances[ | ]

While the Player can have four equipped weapons, they can not draw them all at once. They have to choose between three Stances that determine which Weapons are active.

  • The Torch Stance allows the Player to use the Torch.
  • The Main Stance allows the Player to use both their Main and Off-hand Weapons at the same time.
  • The Two-Handed Stance allows the Player to use their Two-Handed Weapon.

Switching between Stances is not instantaneous : because of this, it is difficult to effectively perform combos with the Two-Handed Weapon and the Main- or Off-Hand Weapons. However, while constantly switching back-and-forth is usually not a good idea, it is perfectly possible to alternate between the Main and Two-Handed Stances depending on the situation, or on the contrary stick to one preferred Stance and not use the other during an entire run.

Critical Hits[ | ]

Most Weapons can deal Critical Damage under certain conditions, which increases their damage output by 50% (by default). These conditions are usually tied to their family and Attack Moves, but some weapon types have their own Critical Damage conditions.

Weapon Modifiers[ | ]

Each Weapon has a unique icon and Ability that set it apart from other Weapons of the same family. These Abilities provide specific gameplay bonuses, which can be quite powerful and give each Weapon its unique flavor.

Additionally, each Weapon can be modified by up to three random Affixes. While Abilities and Affixes designate different concepts and aren't interchangeable, they work similarly : they provide bonuses to your Weapon. Some increase the Weapon's damage under certain conditions, others will provide more defensive abilities, etc.

A Weapon's Ability and Affixes are only active when said Weapon is equipped and drawned - that is, when using the Stance associated with this Weapon. Players can benefit from the Abilities and Affixes of both their Main and Off-hand weapons by taking the Main Stance.

In addition, each individual Weapon is of a certain Level and belongs to a certain Rarity tier. The Level of a Weapon determines its base damage (the higher, the better), while its Rarity determines its maximum number of Affixes. It is possible to increase the Level of a Weapon by visiting an Upgrade Sanctuary.

Utility Weapons[ | ]

Some weapons have the ability to bash open cracked walls and access hidden areas of the map. Because of this, the Player may want to carry one, even if they don't use them in combat : weapons kept solely for that purpose are called Utility Weapons. Since the ability to bash walls is directly tied to the weapon's family or type, they do not need to be high-quality. Heavy Weapons and Bombs are the quintessential utility weapons, but a few other weapon types (like the Crossbow of the Condemned) also have the ability to blow up walls.

In addition, the Player may also want to carry weapons that do not actually help win fights, but still have a specific role to play in combat : for example, carrying a ranged weapon allows the Player to reset the Greed Kill timer easily (by firing a quick shot at an enemy) without having to close the distance, while weapons that heal on kill can be used to finish off enemies (and thus activate from the healing bonus) even though most of the damage has been dealt by the Player's primary weapon.

Acquisition[ | ]

Only unlocked weapons can appear during your Explorations. While some weapons are unlocked from the start, most of them must first be unlocked from the Forsaken Weaponry by paying Jade Rings. It is also possible to "banish" unlocked weapons (for free), which prevents them from appearing in subsequent runs. This allows you to control the pool of weapons that will be proposed to you during your runs.

Unlocked Weapons will be sometimes dropped by Enemies, Treasure Chests or Vault Chests. They can also be bought from Weapon Sanctuaries : here, the Level and Rarity of the desired Weapon determines its price.

Cursed Weapons are a sub-type of weapons with particularly disruptive Abilities and unique Affixes. Some of these weapons must be acquired by defeating Champions under certain conditions : after that, the Player will be able to unlock them at the Forsaken Weaponry.

List of Weapons[ | ]

Main Weapons[ | ]

Main Weapons fall into the first slot of your character's gear.

Fighting style Icon Name Ability Base damage Unlocking Cost
Machete No special effect 15 0
War Macana Charged Attacks deal critical damage 13 5
Sacrificial Macana Deals critical damage when only one enemy is nearby 15 10
Sidewinder Sword Finishers cost no stamina 15 0
Gusting Glaive Charged Attacks send a wind slash that damages all enemies in its path 15 5
Blazing Blade Fire Charged Attacks and Fire Combo finishers 15 0
Abnegation, Xbeltz'aloc's Blade Finishers and Charged Attacks interrupt enemies' attacks 12 15
Sword of Conjunctivius Any enemy attack instantly kills you (does not apply to traps) 45 100
Moonblade, Night's Sword Charged Attacks trigger a powerful dash attack, damaging all crossed enemies 15 50
Blunt Claws No special effect 12 0
Claws of Evisceration Deals critical damage against enemies under 30% health 12 5
Steel-Tipped Talons Deals critical damage for 3 seconds after a Perfect Dodge 12 0
Warmonger Claws +3% base damage per point of Constitution 12 10
Incandescent Claws Fire attacks 13 5
Venomous Fangs Poison attacks 12 0
"Gambit" Xbeltz'aloc's Gauntlet Charged Attack land an additional Hit during the dash 12 10
"Disembowler", Dread Claw Finishers add two spin attacks 13 50
Stone Hammer No special effect 25 0
Slaver's Mace Finishers deal critical damage 23 0
Forge Hammer Deals critical damage against Burning Enemies 22 5
Jewel Hammer Provides passive illumination 25 5
Seeker's Mace +5% base damage per level of relics carried 20 0
Spark Hammer Lightning attacks 20 10
Desperation, Xbeltz'aloc's Scepter Base Damage increase by your percentage of missing HP 20 0
Throwing Weapons
Throwing Knives No special effect 16 0
Hunting Axes +100% damage against Weakened enemies 13 0
Silver Stars Perfect Dodges trigger a volley of projectiles 15 5
Weighted Blades Projectile damage increases based on the distance traveled before impact (up to +50%) 14 0
Evasive Knives Automatic Dodge during Charged Attack 16 5
Chromatic Knives Each combo deals a random type of elemental damage (Fire, Poison, or Lightning) 11 10
"Heartseekers", Teeth of Death Projectiles have greater range and pierce through enemies 16 15

Off-hand Weapons[ | ]

Off-hand Weapons fall into the second slot of your character's gear.

Fighting style Icon Name Ability Base damage Unlocking Cost
Webley Top-Break Revolver No special effect 20 0
Alchemist's Firestick Kills make enemies drop twice as much gold 20 10
Colt .45 Rainmaker Sufficiently charged ranged attacks always trigger Perfect Shots 22 0
LeMat Grape Shot Revolver Perfect Shots deal damage to all targets in a cone behind impact 20 5
Smith & Wesson Schofield Fire Perfect Shots and "Off-hand Combo" 22 0
Dragon Sleeve Gun Poison attacks 16 5
Crossbow of the Condemned Slowly fires explosive shots, dealing damage in an area around impact 30 25
Reaper Normal ranged attacks are ineffective; Perfect Shots deal double damage 20 15
Worn Shield No special effect 35 0
Ancient Buckler After a parry, your main weapon deals critical damage for 2 seconds 35 0
Whispering Aegis 25% chance to automatically trigger a Parry 35 0
Barbed Shield Reflects 50% of a parried melee attack's damage to the attacker 35 5
Blazing Shield Fire attacks 32 5
Storm's Bulwark Lightning attacks; triggers a lightning strike

on parried melee enemies

28 10
Fulmination, Death's Rampart Parrying reflects projectiles 32 0
"Sunderer", fist of doom Simple attack and off-hand combo deliver massive damage at the cost of 1 stamina point 30 50
Chipped Dagger No special ability 30 0
Ceremonial Dagger +3% base damage per point of Perception 27 0
Duelist's Shiv Evading an attack with the Off-hand Combo fully Restores stamina 30 5
Malicious Skewer Deals critical damage against Weakened enemies 24 5
Obsidian Stiletto +50% damage for each element (Fire, Poison, Lightning) that afflicts the enemies hit 24 10
Serpent Blade Poison attacks 24 0
Heart render, the Flesh Eater Each kill permanently increases base damage by 5% (up to 200%) 15 15
Braided Whip No special effect 36 0
Barbed Whip Charged attacks weaken enemies 29 0
Bone Shard Whip Kills make attacks deal critical damage for 3 seconds 32 5
Desperation's Flail +15% damage per missing point of stamina 28 5
Stinger Lash Poison attacks 29 10
Storm Lash Lightning attacks 29 0
"Flagellation", Mistress of Agony +50% damage while in the darkness 29 15
"Cataclysm", T'amok's Fury Fire attacks; hits on characters have a 50% chance to summon a fire jewel 36 50

Two-handed Weapons[ | ]

Two-handed Weapons fall into the third and final slot of your character's gear.

Fighting style Icon Name Ability Base damage Unlocking Cost
Primitive Spear No special effect 30 0
Barbed Javelin Finishers weaken enemies 24 0
Feathered Spear Each kill restores 1 more stamina 27 0
Windfury Pike Charged Attacks Hit 3 times instead of 2 24 10
Scorpion Spear Poison attacks 22 5
Storm's Point Lightning Attacks 22 5
Vengeance, Xbeltz'aloc's Spirit A Dark Riposte occurs after a successful Parry 24 15
Bloodstake, Hunter's Torment Finishers throw the spear, piercing through all enemies 30 50
Heavy Weapons
Broken Longsword No special effect 45 0
Primal Hammer Charged attacks weaken enemies 45 0
Titan Slayer Deals critical damage against Elites, Champions, and Bosses 40 10
Broadsword of the Knight The second attack and the finisher always deal a critical hit 50 25
Jaguar Hammer Fire attacks 40 5
Sky Hammer Lightning attacks 36 5
Stone Breaker Charged attacks strike 3 times in a line behind the point of impact 45 5
Blood Weeper, Life Seeper Macana Attacks steal 10% HP 36 0
"K'etyaam yaan", Witch's Crook Charged Attacks cast a volley of Dark projectiles 40 50
Stiff Bow No special effect 15 0
Keen Bow Fully Charged Shots inflict 50% more damage per character hit 13 0
Crippling Bow Fully Charged Shots weaken enemies 13 5
Swift Bow Kills increase movement speed for 5 seconds 15 0
Jaguar Bow Fire attacks 13 5
Serpent Bow Poison attacks 11 10
Annihilation, Bow of Madness Perfect shots explode on impact in a Dark blast, dealing damage to ALL characters around 15 15
"Effulgence", Harbinger of Yaatz Lightning attacks; special Dodge after a shot sends an additional arrow toward closest enemy 13 50
Pirate Bombs No special effect 30 0
Crackling Grenades Thrown bombs deal additional damage along their path 30 0
Sticks of Dynamite Kills trigger a large blast that weakens all nearby enemies 30 0
Incendiary Bombs Fire attacks 27 5
Fuming Skulls Poison attacks 24 5
Lightning Orbs Lightning attacks 24 10
"Devouring Orbs", Bombs of the Void Charged attacks launch a single void bomb, attracting all nearby enemies before exploding 30 15

Torches[ | ]

Torches are items that are mainly used to provide Light in the game.

Fighting style Icon Name Ability Base damage
Oil-Soaked Torch Fire attacks 2