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The Webley Top-Break Revolver is the most basic Pistol (Off-hand Weapon) in Curse of the Dead Gods. It doesn't have any unique ability.

It is one of your starting Weapons (with the Machete) when entering the Temple.

Codex[ | ]

"There is no greater comfort when surrounded by foes than a standard issue Self-Extracting Webley, protector of Great Britain’s honour-bound souls."

Fighting style[ | ]

The Webley Top-Break Revolver is placed in the Pistol category and is considered an Off-hand Weapon.

  • Shooting once consumes 1 stamina point.
  • Perfect shots deal more damage and consume 1 stamina point.

Attacks[ | ]

Type Ability Stamina Cost Lvl.1 Base damage Lvl.2 Base damage Lvl.3 Base damage Lvl.4 Base damage Lvl.5 Base damage
Regular Attack 1 20 24 28 32 36
Perfect Shot Critical Hit 1 100% Base Damage (+Critical Damage modifier)
Charged Attack 1 100% Base Damage
Off-hand Combo Interrupts 1 150% Base Damage