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Xak' olchir, the Blood Hunter

Xak'olchir, the Blood Hunter is the first Champion of the Jaguar Temple in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Appearance[ | ]

Xak'olchir is a large, purple-skinned humanoid wielding 2 javelins. He wears a jaguar headdress, loincloth and boots, and his body is covered with scars resembling claw marks.

Boss Fight[ | ]

Attacks[ | ]

  • The Blood Hunter always starts the fight with his first ability, summoning Infernal Jaguars. He plants his spears in the ground while a circle of Corruption builds around him. Standing in the circle will make you take damage and increase corruption. An Infernal Jaguar will appear each time the Blood Hunter makes this move. This attack cannot be Parried but can be Dodged by standing outside of the corruption circle.
  • His second attack is a Spear throw. He builds a charge shot meter and launches a spear (sometimes two) at you. This attack can be parried and dodged.

How to beat the Blood Hunter[ | ]

There are two main ways to defeat this boss :

  • Avoid killing the Jaguars, dodge when they attack but stay locked onto the Blood Hunter.
  • Killing the jaguars first, then hit one or two combos on the Champion. This way is longer but safer.

- Fast Weapons such as Claws or Daggers help with this fight.

Champion's Weapon[ | ]

Xak' olchir can sometimes drop his weapon, Bloodstake, Hunter's Torment, under certain conditions.

  • The Player must kill all the Jaguars currently present on the field before striking the final blow.
  • The weapon only has a 20% chance to drop.

Equipping Bloodstake once allows you to unlock it at the Forsaken Weaponry for 50 Jade Rings.

Fighting Style Icon Name Ability Base Damage
Bloodstake, Hunter's Torment Finishers throw the spear, piercing through all enemies 30

Journal entries[ | ]

I have been promised by T'amok' the Jaguar God so many things if I follow his path. Each sacrifice is a trade for greater invulnerability. Each divine power a promise of victory against death's minions.

Is that what you promised this bloodthirsty champion, T'amok'? This shell of a man who tracks me in the shadows. He was defeated by a god versed in pragmatism. Which miserable wretch must I next defeat? There is no greater tragedy than a dying man who clings desperately to the last seconds of a miserable life.