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Xbeltz'aloc is the God of Death and main antagonist of Curse of the Dead Gods.

Theory[ | ]

Rumors say that Xbeltz'aloc did enslave the three Gods of the Temple, stealing their powers, to keep mortals trapped in the temple into a endless suffering loop...

Journal entries[ | ]

I have learned so little about the God of Death in my countless resurrections within these cursed walls. The Chatac call him the leader of the Gods of Pain. All I know is that now he rules these temple walls, once dedicated to the Gods of Wonder, and the Jaguar, Serpent and Eagle gods are now his prisoners.

Xbeltz'aloc claims that he only wants men to remain human and women to remain humane. Such is his purpose and such is his aim. All I know is that I want him dead. A thousand evils could never hide a single gesture of good.

Notes[ | ]

  • It is possible that the Champion of Death shares the same kind of relationship with Xbeltz'aloc than the Avatars had with the Gods of Wonder, before the God of Death took over the Temples.

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