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Xucat', the Witch

Xucat', the Witch is the first Champion of the Serpent Temple in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Appearance[ | ]

Xucat' looks like a diseased hag. She is holding a staff and has a sack filled with skulls on her back.

Boss fight[ | ]

All of her attacks inflict both normal damage and Corruption. Each time you hit her she will drop a skull mine.

Attacks[ | ]

  • The first attack the witch will execute is surrounding you with 5 skull mines.
  • Her second type of attack is firing a spread of skulls, with multiple pattern options.

How to beat the Witch[ | ]

A safe strategy would be waiting for one of the spread attacks, then chaining two combos. The mines are destroyable, and it is possible to Dodge through the skulls that she shoots.

Champion's Weapon[ | ]

Xucat' can sometimes drop her weapon, "K'etyaam yaan", Witch's Crook, under certain conditions.

  • The Player must kill Xucat' while she is on Fire.
  • The weapon only has a 20% chance to drop.

Equipping the weapon once allows you to unlock it at the Forsaken Weaponry for 50 Jade Rings.

Fighting Style Icon Name Ability Base Damage
Heavy Weapons
"K'etyaam yaan", Witch's Crook Charged Attacks cast a volley of Dark projectiles 40

Journal entries[ | ]

Age seems a pointless concept for those kept from dying, but some of the denizens of these walls seem older than the temple itself. I have battled a collector of skulls, a hag or a crone of sorts, who has followed the path of Sich'al to its bitter end. Xbeltz'aloc seems amused by this wicked witch who tosses skulls like potato bombs.

I have bothing left to die for, yet I still cannot abandon the desire to live. Is this my destiny ... to live and die and live again ... until I find some time consuming hobby ... collecting finger bone or broken teeth. Perhaps then they will make me a champion of the snake goddess ... and the day I escape, I would have enough strange artifacts to open a museum.

Images[ | ]

Spread3 Spread1 Spread2Spread4