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Yaatz' is the Goddess of the Eagle Temple.

Little is known about her yet.

She’s related to the Stat Dexterity, which grants +2% base damage per point.

Theory[ | ]

Rumors say that Xbeltz'aloc did enslave the three gods of the temple, stealing their powers, to keep mortals trapped in the temple into a endless suffering loop...

Journal entries[ | ]

The followers of Yaatz, the Eagle Goddess of Sky and Storm Fire, were indeed an electrifying sect to be rightfully feared. The promise of the Goddess of Wonder was omnipotence, which translated from Chatac into the power to kill with the blink of an eye. The price for the power to slay at will set was far dearer than the gold they paid. Killing with rapidity became a sport to them, and each lesser soul that crossed their gilded paths an opportunity to display their gruesome gifts and bathe in the blood of their superiority.

I have traded both gold and blood for Yaatz' powers, and with each gift a piece of my soul. I dare not stop to wonder how much a soul might weigh, and how many pieces can be traded before it completely expires. I fear some nights that should I one day find a door leading out of this hell, it would be a monster that escapes, a creature that had forgotten completely what it meant to be humane.

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